Filling stations on La Gomera

All Green Campers vehicles run on Diesel, which can be refilled at all gas stations in La Gomera.

There is a filling station in every larger place. On Sundays and holidays, however, they are only partially open. Please keep in mind to fill the tank before returning the camper. As you receive the camper fully fueled, returning it the same way is obligatory.

Filling stations can be found in the north in Vallehermoso, in the north-east in Hermigua, in the west in Valle Gran Rey, in the island center in Chipude, in the south in Playa Santiago, and there are 2 filling stations in the east, in the island capital San Sebastian de la Gomera. In San Sebastian one of them is located in the centre and another one next to the port.

The opening hours vary, while in larger places the filling stations are open from the morning to the evening, in smaller places the gas stations close at noon and open again in the afternoon. One should keep in mind, that on sundays and on holidays the fuel stations only open in the morning.


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