San Sebastian

San Sebastian is the capital of La Gomera, with an extension of around 114 km², it’s the largest of the six municipalities of the island.

In this municipality which extends from east to south, live about 8500 inhabitants. The locals of the islands call their capital by the name ‘la villa’. The patron saint is San Sebastian which is honoured with festives every year on january 20th.

Access point to La Gomera

In San Sebastian there is the main port and the entrance to the island. There are ferry connections to neighboring islands, such as Tenerife, La Palma or El Hierro. In addition, the capital is the administrative center and seat of government of La Gomera.

The municipality of San Sebastian includes the hamlets of Jerduñes, Vegaipala, Benchijigua, La Toscas and Tejiades, along with Tecina, where the only golf course on the island is located, near Playa Santiago in the municipality of Alajero.

Columbus island

Important to mention, when referring to San Sebastian, is the stay of the seafarer Christopher Columbus from Genoa, in 1492. Owed to his friendship with the Countess of La Gomera, Beatriz de Bobadilla, he spent some time on the island, before he set out for the new world and discovered America, to fill his ships with water and supplies. Therefore the island is called „Columbus Island“.

Many historic buildings, such as the fortified tower Torre del Conde, the church Iglesia de la Concepción, the fountain El pozo de la Aguada and the Columbus house La casa de Colón, are testimonies to this era. Nowadays, most of these buildings are museums that can be visited and where you can learn more about the history of the island.

What to do in San Sebastian?

The area of San Sebastian includes many important natural areas, such as: Reserva Natural de Benchijigua, Monumento natural de los Roques, as well as the Parque Natural de Majona.

These natural areas offer excellent conditions for interesting hikes through beautiful landscapes with impressive views or simply to spend a quiet time while exploring beautiful corners of the region.

In San Sebastian there is a wide range of leisure activities. In addition to the big number of hiking trails that can be found here, one can enjoy historic walks through the old town of San Sebastian with its interesting museums, in particular the Archaeological Museum.

Those who are looking for sports activities can choose from the wide range of sailing or fishing trips, or play golf in Tecina or go swimming one the beautiful beaches of the municipality of San Sebastian.

Beaches of San Sebastian

The municipality of San Sebastian offers beautiful, natural beaches, some of them remote and ideal to spend a relaxing day by the sea. Most are black stone or sand beaches, with clear and calm water.

The most recommended beaches are: Playa de la Cueva, Playa Avalos and, in the south, Playa de Tapahuga and Playa del Medio, where many practice nudism.

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