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Green Campers General Terms and Conditions.

1. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE VEHICLE: After payment of the rental charge and the deposit, the camper will be handed over to the renter by the lessor, in perfect condition of the mechanics, safety and cleanliness, equipped with the agreed accessories and all necessary documents.

2. TERMS OF USE: The renter agrees to use the camper as a motorhome only to move around La Gomera and stay overnight. LEAVING THE ISLAND WITHOUT PRIOR AGREEMENT IS FORBIDDEN! It is expressly forbidden to carry more persons than the contract allows.

3. CONTRACT DURATION: The rental agreement is concluded for the duration agreed by both parties. The rental period begins when the contract is signed and the keys are handed over and ends after the agreed calendar days. The vehicle will then be returned to the place specified by the lessor.

4. RETURN OF THE VEHICLE: In case of a return before the expiry of the agreed rental period, the full rental price is to be paid. The lessee is not entitled to a discount or partial refund of the rent paid. The vehicle is to be returned at the agreed time. As a rule, exceeding the contractually agreed return time will be charged with 20 € for every hour of delay in the delivery of the motorhome, unless it is agreed in writing in accordance with the contract.

5. VEHICLE REVIEW: The vehicle is inspected for general condition, emptying of the toilet and waste water tank and any damage caused by misuse. If the vehicle is returned in perfect condition, the deposit will be refunded, otherwise the deposit will be withheld until the value of the damage is established.

6. RESERVATION: The reservation is only binding after the landlord has expressly confirmed this in writing and a deposit of 25% of the total price has been paid by the tenant. In case of cancellation, this deposit will not be refunded.

7. CONDITIONS OF CANCELLATION: In case of cancellation of the reservation by the owner, the deposit will be refunded to the renter. If, due to force majeure or unforeseen circumstances, it is not possible to rent the vehicle within the agreed period, the renter can change the date according to availability, compensation cannot be claimed. If the reservation is cancelled by the renter less than 30 days in advance, the owner has the right to charge 50% of the total amount of the reservation.

8. CLEANING: The hirer agrees to return the vehicle to the rental company in a proper condition.

9. SERVICES INCLUDED IN THE CONTRACT: The rental price includes the following elements: insurance with a deductible of 600,00 € of the vehicle, chemical fluid for the entire rental period (based on a dose for 3 days), full water tank, batteries charged, blankets, bed linen, dishes etc…..

10. RENTAL AMOUNT: The contractually agreed rental amount must be paid in cash or by card at the time the vehicle is handed over.

11. SAFETY DEPOSIT: The renter must pay a deposit of 600,00 € as security when taking over the vehicle. A credit card presented by the renter will be charged for this. The deposit will be refunded after the landlord has checked the vehicle and it is in perfect condition. In case of damage caused by misuse, the landlord will determine an amount to be paid by the renter. This amount will be deducted from the deposit, with the landlord paying the difference if the cost of the damage exceeds the value of the deposit. In the event of damage, the excess of the comprehensive insurance is also deducted.

12. OBLIGATIONS OF THE OWNER: The owner is obliged to hand over the vehicle in perfect condition. The lessor shall not be liable for mechanical failures or breakdowns due to wear and tear of the vehicle, nor shall he be liable for costs, delays or damage caused directly or indirectly by such failures or breakdowns.

13. DRIVING THE VEHICLE: The vehicle is driven exclusively by the renter. The driver must be at least 25 years old and must have a valid driver’s licence for at least 3 years. The driver’s license must be presented at the delivery. A second driver may be entered if the same conditions are met. The vehicle may only be driven by drivers named in the contract. All drivers assure to comply with the traffic regulations at all times, as well as to not drive outside the asphalted road or on inappropriate terrain.

14. USE MATERIALS: The Hirer shall bear the costs of running costs arising from the use of the vehicle during the term of this contract (water, fuel, etc.). The vehicle must be handed over under the same conditions as it was taken over or, if necessary, bear the costs for the adaptation. The vehicle is handed over by the owner with completely filled tanks (water, fuel etc.).

15. OBLIGATIONS OF THE RENTOR: The Renter is particularly obliged to handle and use the vehicle and the goods contained therein with care, and is liable for any damage resulting from faulty, negligent or reckless driving. The renter must compensate the owner for any damage caused to the vehicle, regardless of the cause of the damage. The renter agrees to check the oil level of the engine and transmission, as well as the coolant and the like on a regular basis.

16. PROHIBITED: The renter is expressly forbidden to sublet or rent out the vehicle covered by the contract in whole or in part free of charge or against payment, as well as to transfer its use to third parties. Driving by third parties is prohibited. The renter is responsible for ensuring that only those persons are allowed to drive who have been declared as drivers in the contract and meet the necessary requirements. Smoking, lighting candles and carrying pets are also prohibited in the vehicle. In case of non-performance, the renter loses the full amount of the deposit for breach of contract.

17. INSURANCE: The camper is insured for the full value of the vehicle with the corresponding compulsory liability insurance for motor vehicles and civil liability insurance in the general and special conditions contained in his policy and with the coverage of third party damages. The insurance certificate will be handed over to the tenant together with the documentation and the 24-hour help numbers.

18. ACCIDENTS OR DAMAGES: In the event of damage to part of the camper, a breakdown or an accident, the renter must inform the owner immediately by telephone on the following number: 0034 – 650 31 89 18 – and notify the police. In the event of an accident, a certificate is always required from the Civil Guard or Policia local. Without this certificate the insurance company is not responsible! If other parties are involved, the data must be requested, which must be passed on immediately to the lessor. The renter is obliged to cooperate with the lessor and the insurance company in all investigations or subsequent legal proceedings. If you miss the enquiry, the entire accepted and paid insurance becomes invalid.

19. RENTER’S RESPONSIBILITY: The Renter is liable for penalties and fines imposed by the authorities as well as for damage to the vehicle during the contract period. In the event that the vehicle is confiscated as a result of this, the owner is also liable to the owner for the costs and also for the loss of profit caused by this situation, calculated on the basis of the daily price of the vehicle confiscated. This amount will not be refunded by the insurance company.

20. RISK OF THE RENTER: The rental of the camper is at the risk of the renter. In the event of a breakdown or accident, the contract will not be suspended unless the landlord has acted culpably or grossly negligently. The breakdowns and accidents that are solely and exclusively attributable to the tenant or caused by the renter are at his expense.

21. OVERNIGHT PLACES: The renter is responsible for overnight accommodation at the approved places and is responsible to the competent authorities for any non-compliance with the respectively applicable regulations. However, you can stay overnight in suitable places as permitted by law. The lessor is not obliged to name suitable, recommended or authorized overnight accommodations.

22. OVERNIGHT: Pursuant to Decree 08/V-74 of the DGT of the Ministry of the Interior, it is pointed out: It is assumed that it is correctly understood that overnight stays take place within the limits of the car park and that no external elements such as chairs, tables, awnings, clothing etc. are present.

23. CORRECTNESS OF DATA: The data provided by the renter is understood to be correct and truthful, any false statement with malicious intent will automatically cancel this contract without prejudice to any legal obligations.

24. TRAFFIC RULES: All occupants must use seatbelts and be in a sitting position while driving. They must not lie or be in the camper anywhere else. In addition, traffic rules that apply at state or local level must be observed.

25. PARKING: It is obligatory to park on a flat place (e. g. because the refrigerator does not work properly on slopes) and safe so that safety precautions are taken with steering wheel inclination, handbrake engaged and reverse gear engaged.

26. JURISDICTION: Our intention is to resolve conflicts in a friendly manner. Any discrepancy or conflict between the renter and the lessor shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Court of San Sebastian de la Gomera, with spanish law being the applicable law and expressly waived.

27. WASTE WATER: The lessee undertakes to dispose of waste water and the chemicals contained therein exclusively in authorized places.

28. DECLARATION OF CONCLUSION: With the signature of this document by both parties, lessor and renter, the listed points are recognized and accepted.

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