Chapel of Guara

A few kilometers away from the village of Chipude there is the small chapel Ermita de Guará, in the west of the island of La Gomera.

The area around this quiet oasis is perfect if you are looking for a place for a night in peace.


About 3km away from the mountain village of Chipude, on a hill named Gerian, where countless of former cultivated terrace fields are now abandonded, at a small crossroad there is the small chapel Ermita de Guara. Here you can spend a night surrounded by nothing but silence and a rocky landscape that offers a magnificent view.

Activities in the surroundings

Starting from the Ermita de Guara you can take a short hike along the mountainside of Teguerguenche mountain. After a short walk you get to the top of this mountain where you can enjoy a breathtaking view over Valle Gran Rey, the beautiful village that lies in the valley between the rocks of Teguerguenche and La Merica. This route is not long, it takes about two hours to get there and back, but there are also other interesting hiking trails in the area.



Tips & useful information

In the chapel each year, on the second saturday in October, there is a celebration to honour the virgin Guadalupe, the island’s patron saint.

Name: Ermita de Guará
Coordinates: 28º 06’ 04,15’’N 17º 18’ 36,37’’W
Type: Parklatz
Free of charge: Ja
Drinkable wate: Nein
WC: Nein
Electricity: Nein

Websites with further information:

Ermita de Guará

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